Friday, 28 August 2015

Happy 5th Anniversary - Paris!

For our 5th wedding anniversary, we went to Paris! I knew we were going away, but the destination was secret. It did take me a while before I realised we were not driving to the airport. I thought "a night away in London is also nice!". But then we drove to Paddington Station. Ah, Bonjour Paris!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Days Out: Garsons Farm PYO

A lot of friends have recommended going to Garsons Farm to pick fruit and veggies. So we packed our sun hats and wellies and set off for a fun family day out.

Garsons Farm is very big. There is so much to do. There is also a very big Garden Centre with cafe and a lovely farm shop. We, of course, did not go early and we had to be back for a BBQ at a friend's, but we still managed to pick a variety of things and it was a fun afternoon.

We first picked raspberries and made the mistake of going to the first field where there were hardly any. Only when we were driving out did we see the other raspberry field full of raspberries!!! 

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Getting Harvey Ready for School

After Harvey's first session at Speech and Language and the looming task of having to find a school for him. I am panicking about preparing Harvey for school. As with any worrying mum out there, I don't want Harvey to be left behind because I did not do enough for him.

So in my panic buying I came across these wipe clean workbooks and flash cards by Priddy Books.
I liked the look and feel of these. I love the colours and pictures and the fact that they are wipe clean.

Harvey's Speech Therapy Session 1 - Long and Short Sounds

We were referred to an NHS speech therapist by Harvey's nursery and they have recommended a short course to help with Harvey's speech. I think Harvey doesn't really have a problem with speech but just needs practice to help with clarity.  Even though Seb's speech is coming along I am noticing he is copying Harvey in the way he speaks.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tips for dealing with Chickenpox

Ah, our first official family holiday with just the 4 of us.  Hello Chickenpox! Yup just as we arrive in Spain, Harvey gets the pox. Nothing like being stuck in sunny Spain, inside our (air conditioned) apartment. Luckily our apartment complex was quiet and we got to sneak out to the pool now and again.

As we couldn't fly with Harvey being all contagious and all, I flew home with Seb leaving the other 2 boys behind. We didn't want to get stuck in Spain for any longer (dread the thought!) in case Seb got it just as Harvey recovers.

Seb's Picnic Birthday Party

For Seb's second birthday, I wanted to take advantage that he is a summer baby. So I really wanted to do something outdoors. OF course, our garden was not going to do it. So we chose a park. It was in an enclosed baby play area. So that will keep the kids in. Cafe and toilets were just a few steps away and there was car parking. All the makings of a great party.

DIY Ice Cream Stamps

For Sebby's 2nd birthday celebrations we are having a picnic party! Hoping for great weather. We will be picnicing in the park. Near a cafe with ice cream. So I made these ice cream vouchers for the kiddies to get their ice creams from the cafe instore.

I never knew how easy it was to make a stamp!